New puppy

As you guys may or may not know Frankie is gone forever he left on Friday but he is at a friends house so I will see him and put him on my channel and website still but his replacement is a new puppy named budy


Video ideas

I don’t know what to make a YouTube video of but I’m always open to suggestions so suggest in the comments of this post or on my YouTube channel at NincomPoop and I got a new social media called popjam and I am TheRealNincomPoop so check me out there and give me suggestions for videos please


I’m sorry for not posting on this blog in a long time I just have a lot to do I really thought I would post more when I first made this blog I will try to post more (;

Game dev

I make and post games on a app on the Apple App Store called hopscotch my account is Farmerliam you can play my games other people’s games and even make your own games anyways I just wanted to tell you that and also I didn’t post on this blog for a while.